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Financial Advisor / Cedar Rapids — Ashlea Jones

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1815 Boyson Rd.
Hiawatha, IA 52233
(319) 269-7143


Ashlea Jones

Financial Advisor

Prime Capital Investment Advisors
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Ashlea Jones serves private clients at every point in their savings timeline. From entry-level investors just beginning their careers, to retirees looking for ways to make the most out of the money they’ve worked so hard to earn, Ashlea helps her clients achieve their unique, individual goals. “No matter where a client is at, whether they are busy working and accumulating assets or they’re trying to figure out how to make their assets last throughout retirement, I make it my job to really listen to them, make them feel at ease, simplify financial concepts, and explain options in plain English. I think that is what separates our team from other firms,” Ashlea says.

She enjoys playing the dual roles of both coach and teammate in the advising process and strives to make each client’s service unique to their best interests. Ashlea brings openness, honesty, and enthusiasm to the clients she has the pleasure of connecting with. “My goal is to breathe opportunity and bigger thinking to people at any stage of life. I work with people who want to be worked with and are curious, proactive and committed to achieving their financial goals. They are coachable and enjoy working with us,” she says.

Ashlea has experience in investing, insurance and consulting services dating back to 2011. She joined Prime Capital Investment Advisors’ Cedar Rapids office in October of 2021. Part of her decision to join the firm was because PCIA provides Ashlea and her clients flexibility and autonomy while also prioritizing transparency around the fees and essential services we offer.

“What I really value is the ability to function independently, pulling together the various services and specific expertise that is available from the various team members at Prime Capital Investment Advisors. That allows me to scale up or down for each individual client. Furthermore, in my opinion, the Investment Advisory Board and trading team at PCIA are stellar,” she says.

It is important to Ashlea to deliver fiduciary advice in the best interests of her clients at all times; she holds her Series 65 registration as an investment advisor representative; she also holds commercial property and casualty as well as life and health insurance licenses in Iowa.

Born and raised in Northeast Iowa, Ashlea has had the privilege of serving her peers and her community all the way back to her elementary days in 4H. She was involved in athletics through high school that taught her the value of pulling her own weight, working hard and surrounding herself with other tenacious people who get the job done but also like to have fun along the way. From there, she attended Hawkeye Community College where she studied social work, ultimately receiving her associate degree in corrections. She has always enjoyed helping people, especially people with a strong desire to make their lives better.

Ashlea resides on acreage outside of Fairbank, Iowa, with her husband, Cody, and their three young children. Her husband works as a police officer, but he coaches football part-time. Both he and Ashlea are huge football fans, and their love for the teamwork and game-planning aspects of the game reaches into all aspects of their lives. In what little free time exists, Ashlea enjoys doing anything that involves getting outdoors, exercising, training her horse, hunting, and entertaining and gathering together with family and friends.

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Ashlea Jones, Financial Advisor

Prime Capital Investment Advisors, LLC
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
1815 Boyson Rd.
Hiawatha, IA 52233
(319) 269-7143